Hear from us!

Jacqueline ~ 2018 Attendee
The week of RYLA was an unforgettable experience, providing me with an opportunity to connect with other like-minded people, while learning a lot, both about myself and others. I began my journey with Rotary and RYLA through a friend, that suggested it as an awesome week of personal and professional development. Since this time, i have truly become a part of something bigger. I have found a sense of belonging and direction, and have been able to give back to a greater purpose. RYLA has had an incredibly positive and ongoing impact on my life and i can easily say it has motivated and supported me, in embracing where i am currently at, on my journey. I am no fortunate enough to be a part of the team, giving back and supporting others to experience this wonderful program. Jacs
Jarrad Cartmill | Awardee 2015
I believe RYLA is the best decision I have made in my life so far in terms of professional development and social skill building. The change that I have experienced in my life since RYLA has been astronomical, and the skills that I learnt during my week there have helped me to embrace the good change, and accept the bad. I have made some amazing new friendships through RYLA and I know that the network that I am now a part of will help me through the trials of life.
Ellen Wark ~ Attendee 2019
attended RYLA in 2019, and it was a great experience. From the camp I was able to build the knowledge on other peoples personalities and understand that every person is different and it is really important to understand and respect that. The camp also taught me all about the importance of self love, that it is important to love yourself before you give yourself to other people. You're unable to help another person, if you do not show yourself the love that you deserve. RYLA introduced me to so many amazing people. It is a safe place where you meet many like-minded people, people who share similar interests and life goals. It is an amazing atmosphere that can be shared between new formed friendships, friendships that last a lot longer than the 5 day camp. 
Since RYLA I have been able to use all my new knowledge in every day life. It has helped me to find the motivation to apply for university and be accepted for a Bachelor of Social Work. It is great to be able to pass on my knowledge and experiences at RYLA 2019 to my current work place and life. 
Tayla Mercer | Awardee 2015
My experience at RYLA was one that will never be forgotten. Words can’t really describe how amazing it was, it is something you need to find out for yourself. Not only are the motivational speakers incredible, you also meet some of the most amazing people who will experience the RYLA journey with you. RYLA is all about being yourself and believing in yourself. RYLA for me has made me more confident, determined and has helped me to become a more positive person. RYLA is definitely worth a try and I guarantee you will get something out of it.
Scout Symons | Casino Rotary Youth Advisor | Awardee 2012
Ryla was an absolute inspiration and motivation kick! It was full of high energy, new friends and experiences, learning and developing. It made me appreciate life and live it to the fullest! I have joined the Rotary Club that sponsored me to come to RYLA; I then became their youth adviser shortly after. It is coming up to my 1 year as a Rotarian and I am now on the board this year and I hope to make it to Rotary President someday!
Alexis Wagner | Awardee 2013
“Phenomenal! Just changed my perspective on life. There are life lessons all around you and RYLA makes you hear what you couldn’t before.”