Frequently Asked Questions

When is RYLA 2020?
The 2020 Seminar is an intensive week long program held from Tuesday 14th April - 19th April 2020.
Why choose RYLA?
RYLA is hosted by Rotary, a reputable not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and build goodwill and peace in the world. The RYLA Seminar is designed to build on the existing leadership of participants and encourage further development of leadership skills, talents and abilities. The RYLA Seminar also aims to remind participants of their responsibility to their communities and to the world.
What will RYLA do for you?
RYLA represents the commitment that partner businesses and industry make to their employees and is an indicator of corporate citizenship. Participants return from the RYLA Seminar fully motivated, with a renewed sense of self and emphasis on proactivity, and, as such, add value to the broader organisation/industry to which they belong. RYLA will provide a sense of purpose, accomplishment and belonging. You will meet like-minded people and connect with others, becoming a part of something bigger. RYLA will entice you and provide you a place to give back. Need more encouragement? See what RYLA Awardees have to say!
Benefits for your employees?
A challenging and rewarding seven day Seminar, RYLA offers your employees a unique networking opportunity to meet goal oriented and motivated individuals from different backgrounds and to access some of Australia's most influential and motivational speakers, experts in a variety of fields. Core curriculum utilises workshops and lectures that introduce the fundamentals of effective leadership, character, personal confidence, striving to achieve results, emotional intelligence and leading charge. Your employees will have the opportunity to put their leadership skills into action in practical applications throughout the week. For more details, visit How to Apply
Who runs RYLA?
In short, people like you. An all volunteer, rotating team of previous attendees. It's a unique program that grows each, by ensuring a fresh and vibrant energy. We're also guided by a few old hat Rotarian's that know the tricks of the trade to make sure the spirit remains the same. Keep an eye out on our socials, to meet your future leadership team!
How much does it cost to attend?
The total cost of the RYLA Seminar is $650 per person. Each Rotary Club within District 9640 is encouraged to sponsor two or more RYLA participants each year. However, organisations that cover the total cost of the program for nominated participants will be guaranteed a place in the program. A maximum of 60 participants are given the opportunity to attend the RYLA Seminar each year. All candidates must meet the selection criteria and complete an application form to be eligible to attend the RYLA Seminar. There are flexible payment options available including; - Rotary sponsorship, Private sponsorship, Employer sponsorship, Individual payment options are also available. There are also options available for co-sponsorship, if your Employer is only able to provide part payment. For more information, get in touch
Where is RYLA held?
The RYLA Seminar is to be held at the Bornhoffen PCYC. Located just 50 minutes from the Gold Coast, Bornhoffen is surrounded by picturesque Mountains and National Parks . The space provides a functional and purpose-built conference centre, with a long and reputable history of providing leadership and development style camps and seminars. Visit the website to check out the location! Bornhoffen PCYC  
How to apply?
Applying for the RYLA Seminar is easy, simply fill out the online Expression of Interest Form. Once received, our Secretarial team will email you with further details!
Should I apply?
ABSOLUTELY! It's a once in a life time opportunity - You will not regret it! If you need to know more, before saying yes - get in touch through through our Facebook pageĀ  or email